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About the Company

Aviana Plus, s.r.o. is a universal company dealing in particular with production of vehicle superstructures and activities related thereto, such as warranty and post-warranty service for every superstructure type, sale and assembly of various accessories (air deflectors, sleeping superstructures, independent heating, hydraulic lorry loaders and platforms, spare parts for superstructures etc.), expert advice and assistance with insurance claims and any problems that might arise in connection with superstructures.

We have convinced out clients about our expert knowledge, high professionalism and quality of products supplies by us during our existence. An individual design for every superstructure discussed with clients according to their needs is our top priority.

AVIANA PLUS s.r.o. holds a TÜV quality management certificate under DIN EN ISO 9001.

Our steady clients for whom we work include companies, such as:
  • Slovenské Telekomunikácie a.s.
  • Doprastav, a.s.
  • ORANGE Slovensko
  • Slovak Parcel Service s.r.o. (UPS)
  • Stredoslovenská energetika a.s.
  • HOPI SK s.r.o.
  • BADK s.r.o.
  • CCS-Cargo Custom Service s.r.o.
  • Encinger spol.s.r.o.
  • FORNETTI SLOVAKIA spol.s.r.o.
  • JJJ STAV-BUILD s.r.o.
  • Koam Elektronik s.r.o.
  • Ludvik s.r.o.
  • EURO-VAT s.r.o.
  • MB TRANSPORT s.r.o.
  • SPP a.s.
  • BARCZI spol.s.r.o. a iní.

  • Warranty and Post-Warranty Service for Superstructures
  • Accessories Assembly
  • Sale of Used Utility Vehicles