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Assortment - Refrigerating and Freezing Superstructures

Refrigerating and Freezing Superstructures


A box superstructure is intended to transport refrigerated and frozen food products as well as other types of goods distributed evenly or palletised on the loading area of the superstructure. The structure of the box superstructure prevents effects of atmospheric influences on the transported goods. A box superstructure can be mounted to every type of utility vehicle and truck.

Superstructure description:

The bottom frame of the box superstructure is composed of aluminium or steel section bars depending on loading capacity of the vehicle (a steel bottom frame is used if its is over 12 t.). Aluminium used is made with eloxal coating or in any RAL colour. Steel section bars used in the bottom frame are zinc-coated or varnished also in any colour.

Box superstructures are made from large-sized panels with internal and external laminate casing, surface treated with a white varnish. Foam polyurethane boards of required thickness are used as insulation. An even insulated floor is made of a sandwich panel with identical insulation and finished with a water resistant piece of plywood and a cast Koreapur layer in anti-slippery finish. A protection strip made from aluminium sheet is placed around the floor at the height up to 250 mm. The front face is reinforced for a later assembly of a refrigerating aggregate. The rear face is equipped with a double-wing door with an external bar lock.

The whole set of hinges and seals are made from stainless steel, door padding is doubled and made from silicone, the rear portal is made from stainless steel. The superstructures comply with sanitary regulations and their isothermal properties correspond to FNA class (for 0.950); i.e. a temperature of 0 °C to 6 °C will be reached in the refrigerating aggregate, or FRC (for 0.368) -18 °C. The following parts comprise standard accessories for a box superstructure:

The following is delivered as a standard to a box superstructure:
  • Door catch
  • Rubber backstops on the bottom threshold of the superstructure
  • Rear folding zinc-coated foot board
  • Side grasping handle
  • Inner lighting by embedded lamps
  • External outline lighting
  • Side folding aluminium barriers
  • Plastic bumpers
  • Dirt catchers
  • Reflective tables

Accessories to superstructures for a fee:

The following are delivered to flat lorry and box superstructures for a fee:
  • Sleeping superstructures, PONY and ZAKO air deflectors
  • WEBASTO and EBERSPACHER independent heating
  • DHOLLANDIA and MBB HUBFIX hydraulic lifting platforms
  • CARRIER refrigerating aggregates
  • HIAB hydraulic derricks

Ready-made solutions


  • Warranty and Post-Warranty Service for Superstructures
  • Accessories Assembly
  • Sale of Used Utility Vehicles